Welcome to S&W Adventure Riders Snowmobile Club


First S&W Adventure Riders was formed as a club in CSA (Colorado Snowmobile Association) to offer Unique Snowmobile Club Adventure rides for snowmobilers. We ask local clubs and snowmobilers, in the areas we are going to ride, to act as guides, riding with us, and showing off THEIR GREAT SNOWMOBILING AREAS. Over the years, S&W Adventure Riders Club has expanded to new locations outside of Colorado.

We have had trips in Wyoming, Utah, Montana, Idaho and New Mexico. Our club has members who live outside of Colorado, coming here to ride with us. These members are from other states and Canada. I think one of the best statements to describe our club is a quote from one of our out-of-state riders, “I do not have to know anything about the area we are going to ride. I do not have to find motels or meals for the trip. All I have to do is to travel to where the club trip starts and ENJOY THE GREAT SNOWMOBILING; there is riding for all types of riding abilities. Jack Sheets & Jack Welch, who founded the club along with Chuck Ramsey who joined the club leadership a few years ago, have been putting this kind of club trips together for 20+ years. We have continued to put together unique snowmobile club trips, with destination rides as a normal part of most club trips. We do one trip in a season and the trip is generally one week in duration and the rides take place in February. These club rides are a complete package: ride, motels, food, fuel and transportation, as needed. however you do need a snowmobile. Our hope is that in this short article, we have introduced you to the S&W Adventure Riders Club, and give you an idea of who we are and what kind of snowmobile club adventures we offer.

Please see the separate write-up located on our home page for details about our upcoming 2018 Club Adventure to Daniels Summit Lodge in Heber City UT and Horseshoe Lodge, in Mt Pleasant UT. For more information on our club, visit our club website of www.swadventureriders.org Club contacts are Jack Welch at 303-324-7185 or jrwelch@frii.com or Chuck Ramsey at 970-897-3124 or chuckr@swadventureriders.org.